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"Think how Agatha Christie and that Will Shakespeare feel, the way their work is mucked about."
One of the Actors

"Num alio genere furiarum declamatores inquietantur qui clamant haec vulnera libertate publica excepi."
the opening lines that have come down to us of The Satyricon

This page offers a selection of translations, editions and versions of The Satyricon. Each links to Amazon and if you then order there we gain a small commission - for which we thank you.

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Translations in English

Oxford World's Classics
1996 translation by P G Walsh, reviewed here
Penguin edition
2011 revised translation by J P Sullivan (orig 1965)
Firebaugh translation
1922: includes text and episodes introduced by François Nodot
Brown translation
2009: reviewed here
Allinson translation
1930: includes text and episodes introduced by François Nodot

Ruden translation
2000 translation by Sarah Ruden, reviewed here
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The Satyricon

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