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"hugely effective and at times very funny indeed"
All Edinburgh Theatre

The first production of Martin Foreman's adaptation of The Satyricon was in Edinburgh in October 2022. Catch up on the programme (including cast), reviews and production pictures here.

Other adaptations include:

1969 film       Fellini Satyricon
director: Federico Fellini, with Martin Potter (Encolpius), Hiram Keller (Ascyltos), Max Born (Giton), Mario Romagnoli (Trimalchio), Salvo Randone (Eumolpus)


1969 film       Satyricon (aka The Degenerates)
director: Gian Luigi Polidoro, with Don Backy (Encolpius), Franco Fabrizi (Ascyltos), Francesco Pau (Giton), Ugo Tognazzi (Trimalchio), Mario Carotenuto (Eumolpus)


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