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The People

When the cast is chosen in February 2020 their pictures and biographies will appear here.

Petronius Creator long dead

Caius Petronius - or Gaius Petronius or Titus Petronius - was born to wealthy parents in Marsalla (cf) (modern-day Marseilles) in AD/CE 27. His life appears to have alternated between wealthy idle leisure and capable governance as civil servant. His greatest claim to fame - other than as the writer of The Satyricon, which pokes fun at a world with which he was no doubt very familiar - was as an arbiter (judge) of elegance and style to the Emperor Nero. Like many servants of an unstable, dictator ruler (that rings a bell...), he was eventually cast aside. Unlike many of his colleagues and modern equivalents, he decided it was time to retire from life as well as public service.

This portrait was drawn nearly 1,700 years after Petronius' death

Encolpius A hero more or less

"Encolpius claims to have been a gladiator, but honestly, look at him. He wouldn't last a minute in the circus. Throw him a trident and he'd stab his own foot with it. No, let's be generous and call him a student, young, brash and with his eye on the main chance - although the main chance seldom has its eye on him."

Encolpius narrates the story in which he and boyfriend Giton and friend Ascyltos travel together, quarrel together, separate and find each other again. Whatever the obstacles - some quite painful - that life throws in his path, Encolpius always rises to the challenge.

In the Fellini film Encolpius was played by British actor Martin Potter

Ascyltos A hero more or less

"Ascyltos. He should be the gladiator. If there's a fight, he'll be in the middle of it, and if there's a fight he probably started it. He says he's a student and he maintains the proud tradition of regularly getting drunk. He can't remember what he studies but if he ever reaches old age he'll proudly tell you he's a graduate of the University of Life."

In the Fellini film Encolpius was played by US actor Hiram Keller

Giton A youth more or less

"What can I tell you about Giton? Well, he's sixteen years old and just discovered sex. What's the expression? Young, dumb and full of cum. That's all you need to know."

We're not sure about Giton. At first he appears not very bright, with no initiative and happy to do whatever Encolpius or others tell him. Then we wonder whether he knows exactly what he wants and gets it by apparently going with the flow. Meanwhile we know he's always hungry, likes to eat and somehow never puts on weight.

Roman youth

The Actors forget them

"That lot over there are actors. We'll bring them on when we need them for minor roles. Until then forget them."

Petronius says they're actors, but honestly ...   Would any of them get that far? Look at that one's fingernails; he spends his days as a jobbing gardener. She's a waitress, of course. The one with the beard? If you knew how he keeps body and soul together your hair would stand on end ...

Roman actors

The crew

Martin Foreman Writer / Co-Director

Martin's brief onstage career ended when he accepted that his acting talent was limited. As playwright / director he has won awards (from London Solo Festival and Pitlochry Festival Theatre) and critical acclaim for dramas and comedies, including writing / directing a one-woman play, Sunset (), directing J B Priestley's The Rose and Crown (), directing his revised version of Ben Jonson's Volpone () and writing/directing a one-man play about the writer Frederick Rolfe (Now We Are Pope ). His latest project is as director of Noel Coward's Hay Fever (March 2020).

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Junior Cross Co-Director

Junior Cross started studying acting at a young age in Teatro Las Nobles Bestias in Buenos Aires and has subsequently appeared in many theatre productions in her native Argentina, including Mujeres al final de la noche and Del miedo y sus racimos. She also took part in music videos and short films and collaborated with many Cafe-Concerts in the Buenos Aires independent scene. Since moving to Scotland in 2017, she has been involved in TV, short film and theatre projects, appeared on stage in Casanova Dreaming as several of the rake's lovers, and worked on Arbery's award-winning production of Mike Bartlett's Bull.

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