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Edinburgh, 4 - 8 October 2022
"hugely effective and at times very funny indeed"
All Edinburgh Theatre

After a two year delay caused by Covid, The Satyricon had a six-performance run in Edinburgh in October 2022. Adapted and directed by Martin Foreman with a cast of thirteen, it was jointly produced by Arbery Theatre and EGTG.
programme and cast list Martin Foreman interview    pdf version

reviews: All Edinburgh Theatre

pdf version
Corr Blimey

pdf version
The Wee Review

pdf version

Ascyltos (Ben Blow), Giton (Scott Adair) and Encolpius (Joseph Cathal) prepare to meet whatever life throws at them.
picture: Robert Pereira Hind

Wealthy Trimalchio (Alastair Lawless) and
wife Fortunata (Lois Williams) share a rare moment of laughter and harmony.

picture: Gordon Hughes

In rehearsal: Acyltos and Encolpius defend themselves
picture: Arbery Theatre

Agamemnon (Trev Lord) expounds on education in the Forum
picture: Gordon Hughes

Ascyltos and Petronius (Stephen Corrall) share a quiet moment
picture: Gordon Hughes

Short films from rehearsal

After a shipwreck Giton and Encolpius discover Lichas's (Lachlan Robertson) body Eumolpus (Robert Wylie) reveals the full extent of his talents as a poet in this verse on the Trojan War.
Why do the trio want that old, filthy, smelly tunic ?
(Robert Wylie substituting as Ascyltos)

Lichas hypnotised by Encolpius's good looks An old woman (Robert Wylie) accosts Encolpius What's the point? A crisis arises in Giton's life

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