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"We're only actors, aren't we? Bring us on when you need us. Put words in our mouths. Then send us home and forget us. But some of us, we watch, we think."
One of the Actors in The Satyricon

Coetum histrionum habemus (we have a cast)

We are pleased to announce the following actors have joined our production. Pictures and biographies will follow soon.

Scott Adair as Giton
Ben Blow as Ascyltos
Joseph Cathal as Encolpius
Stephen Corrall as Petronius
Kelly Louis Edie as an Actor
Alastair Lawless as Trimalchio
Trev Lord as an Actor
Wendy Macewan as an Actor
Rhona O'Donnell as an Actor
Karolina Oleskiewicz as an Actor
Lachlan Robertson as an Actor
Lois Williams as an Actor
Robert Wylie as Eumolpus


We are speaking to a number of people who have offered their services as costume designer, props designer, stage manager, stage hand etc. As soon as they are agreed we will announce them here - but if you want to join us, there might be room so send us an email - address below.
Martin Foreman: writer & director

Martin has won several awards as a playwright and director and critical acclaim for his dramas and comedies. These include his one-woman play, Sunset, J B Priestley's The Rose and Crown, his revised version of Ben Jonson's Volpone, and his version of Death in Venice, Death on the Lido (aka Tadzio Speaks), that views the classic story from the beautiful youth's eyes. He is also the author of two novels and two short story collections.

Junior Cross: assistant director

Junior Cross has acted in many theatre productions in her native Argentina, including Mujeres al final de la noche and Del miedo y sus racinos, as well as taking part in music videos, short films and many Cafe-Concerts in the Buenos Aires independent scene. Since moving to Scotland in 2017, she has been involved in TV, short film and theatre projects. These include Casanova Dreaming, as several of the rake's lovers, and assistant director on an award-winning production of Mike Bartlett's Bull, both produced by Arbery Theatre.

Gordon Hughes: lighting

Gordon started doing lighting and other back stage jobs when at school, and spent his latter school and early university years assisting with productions at the Byre Theatre, St Andrews, before moving to Edinburgh and working in most of the Edinburgh theatres, including the Kings Theatre, Festival Theatre and Usher Hall. This has included almost 45 years of lighting shows for EGTG, as well as other Edinburgh theatre, musical and opera groups. He has lit 4 EGTG productions which have won the SCDA Eastern Divisional Full Length play festival, and won an award from the Edinburgh Playhouse for services to amateur drama.

4 October 2022

First Night
5 October 2022



petronius @ thesatyricon . uk

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