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Premiere: Festival Theatre Studio, Edinburgh, 4 November 2020 - we hope!

Postponed from 24 June 2020.
If you bought a ticket for the original run, contact the box office (0131 529 6000) to transfer to new date.

"Two thousand years from now people will look back on us
and maybe they'll be appalled by what we said and did - or maybe they'll laugh
or maybe they'll just wonder at the complexity of human relationships."

Encolpius, Ascyltos and Giton are three young men footloose in the Roman Empire. With narrator Gaius Petronius as their guide and a cantankerous group of Actors who take on various roles, the trio find themselves at the heart of adventures of seduction, deception, love, thievery, violence and more.

Step back into the past while keeping one foot in the present as you enter this comedy of words and action. Be prepared for a picaresque tale that is funny and thought-provoking, uncomfortable and tragic, satiric and satyric. View sexual relations from the Roman perspective - and view the Roman perspective from today. Remind yourself that actors have a life beyond the stage - and that some lives never end. All this and more in the fast and funny, filthy and philosophical play that is The Satyricon.

Due to strong language and frequent sexual preferences, the audience is limited to 16 years and older.

Meet the cast

No one is an island

In these difficult times, some of the cast and crew of The Satyricon created this short video with the words of poet John Donne.

We're starting to Make History

A short film from early rehearsals. In the first clip a group of citizens think they are in the presence of a legendary hero. In the second clip Encolpius and Ascyltos argue over the limits of their friendship - their language is not exactly decorous.

Coming in June

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