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Support Us

Theatre is expensive and few professional productions make a profit. In order to reach its full potential, The Satyricon needs your support. Please give as little or as much as you can afford.

What We Need

Arbery Productions requires 21,000 to bring The Satyricon to the Festival Studio Theatre in the heart of Edinburgh in June 2020.

25% of that sum will pay for rehearsal space and the performance venue.

54% will pay actors and crew.

5% will pay for set construction and costumes.

9% is for publicity

7% is for miscellaneous costs and contingencies.

detailed budget printable prospectus

We need this stuff - and of course we accept it in smaller quantities

Won't Ticket Sales Cover Costs?
Without donations, if we pay our cast and crew a very modest salary (about 6.75 an hour for rehearsal and performances) and sell every seat in the theatre throughout the run at a price that our audience can afford, the production will still lose about 7,000.

Alternatively, we could put on a show, pay the cast and crew nothing and hope to cover other costs through ticket sales. Many theatre groups do this, depending on the free time and good will of their actors. We prefer to pay people for their time and talent - and we are likely to get more talented and dedicated actors if we pay.

We are asking for £21,000 rather than £7,000 because (a) we can't guarantee ticket sales and (b) we would like to be able to repay at least some of the donations if the play is a success. See Give and (maybe) get back in the next column.
What We Are Doing

We are seeking money from the following sources:
* a grant from Creative Scotland
* sponsorship from local and online businesses
* donations from successful theatre entrepreneurs
* donations from friends and family of the cast and crew
* donations from the general public

How You Can Help

Give and goodbye
A simple donation of as much or as little as you like (£5 sounds good, £10 even better). We thank you by email and never bother you again.

Give and stay in touch
A simple donation of as much or as little as you like (think £5, £10, £25 . . . ). We send you regular emails (not more than once a month) about The Satyricon and future productions.

Give and get
100 will get you:
your name in the programme, a free ticket and a mystery gift.

Give and (maybe) get back
For a donation of 500 you will get:
your name in the programme, two free tickets, a mystery gift
and perhaps some money back.
IF we get full houses, a grant, good sponsorship and other donations you MAY receive all your money back, but we cannot guarantee any return.

donation conditions and details

These notes are just as good

What Happens If We Don't Get The All Money?

A donor has agreed to underwrite cost of the rehearsal and performance venues so the production will still go ahead. But the actors will not get paid, which may mean some drop out and we have to rely on a less experienced cast. There will also be less money to promote the play and bring in an audience. Which means the experience for everyone will be poorer for everyone.

Can Arbery Productions be trusted?

Of course we can! - but you'd expect us to say that. You can check our website and see we've been around for several years. In that time we've worked with dozens of actors and backstage crew and had no complaints. We're not formally constituted and don't have a bank account (we did once but the bureaucracy and costs meant it saved time and money to close it). So all funds go through the account of one of our members (in this case the director Martin Foreman), monitored by other members of the group. Full accounts for The Satyricon will be available on a monthly basis from the end of January 2020 and published at the end of the run.

And When It's All Over?

If - thanks to you - The Satyricon is a success, it won't come to an end in June. We will hope to take it on tour in Scotland and, who knows, further afield. After all, if Petronius' story has lasted this long, perhaps our production will live for not only a week, but a month, a year or more . . .


contact us for bank transfer details.

How much we have received and how much we have spent will be itemised here from January 2020.

where the money goes

@thesatyricon @thesatyriconplay @thesatyricon

Based in Edinburgh since 2014, Arbery Productions is an occasional group of theatre creatives with a track record of successful productions.
Arbery Productions website
Arbery Productions has signed up to the
Protecting Actors Fringe Charter (SHIELD: 9899), helping to ensure all cast and crew involved
operate under safe and fair working conditions.

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