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"We're Actors."
"So I've been told."
"We can make the audience believe anything."
"Even in death the gods are punishing me."

An Actor and Petronius on creating a scene


(a) Pictures

An Old Woman (Robert Wylie) accosts Encolpius (Joseph Cathal) in the street
1280 x 720 px

Giton (Scott Adair, left) and Encolpius (Joseph Cathal, right) discover Lichas' drowned body
811 x 819 px
Captain Lichas (Lachlan Robertson) wonders whether to allow his sailors (from left Wendy McEwan, Karolina Oleskiewicz and Kelly Louise Edie) flog a miscreant
1041 x 972 px

Bystanders (Rhona O'Donnell, Lois Williams, left and Robert Wylie, right) cannot understand why Giton (Scott Adair) and Encolpius (Joseph Cathal) want a filthy, old smelly tunic
945 x 540 px

(b) Short and very short films

Four versions of Petronius and the Innkeeper. Includes workshop actors who gave us their time and talents but who do not appear in the final production. Eumolpus (Robert Wylie) reveals the full extent of his talents as a poet in this verse on the Trojan War.
Why do our three (anti-)heroes want that old, filthy, smelly tunic that looks as if it has wiped several arses and the gods know what else?
(Robert Wylie substituting as Ascyltos)

After a shipwreck An old woman accosts Encolpius The Curse
another short video coming soon Hypnotised What's the point?

4 October 2022

First Night
5 October 2022


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