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"You, Actors, what did you think of the stories?"
"A bit over the top, some of them." "Fun to watch, fun to act." "I'd do it again."

Petronius and some of the Actors


Welcome to an ambitious new take on a 2,000 year old classic where ribald comedy meets existentialist angst and tragedy lurks at the heart of satire. Join a talented group of young and older actors on a stage that brings Roman gods, a long-dead narrator and an endless picaresque tale to life.

Media release one (August 2022): Microsoft Word or pdf

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The Satyricon October 2022 250x250 pixels

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The Satyricon October 2022 710x1039 pixels

710 x 1039 px
The Satyricon October 2022 Flyer 1291 x 1820 pixels

1291 x 1820 px

The Satyricon October 2022 960x320 pixels

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The Satyricon October 2022 1140x440 pixels

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4 October 2022

First Night
5 October 2022


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